Our mission is to revive Sri Lanka's industrial sector through MSMEs. Register with COSMI and receive a wide range of benefits.

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Access many benefits and opportunities by registering with COSMI
Direct Benefits

  • Recognition as a organisations registered with COSMI
  • Network with experts in a wide area of fields at COSMI events
  • Showcase your business at International exhibitions and conferences organized by COSMI
  • Exposure via International Trade Exhibitions
  • Showcase products annually through COSMI
  • Cash discounts for Trade Fairs and tailor-made Seminars and Training Programmes organized by COSMI.
  • Special offers through COSMI to participate at Seminars and Trade Fairs organized regionally.
  • Free distribution of all COSMI publications via email.

Indirect Benefits

  • Lobby for you concerns and advocate solutions through a single Voice, "the Voice of the Industrial MSMEs in Sri Lanka" COSMI to voice your concerns through our experts using credible and revealing information.
  • Database and Information
    Be a part of the Industrial MSME Directory, which will give you global exposure.
  • Market Intelligence
    Access market intelligence through our Knowledge Management platform
  • International Networking
    Link-up with orgnisations overseas for technical expertise, trade and business partnerships.
  • COSMI Advisory Panel
    Access technical and domain expertise in a wide range of fields, through our highly respected panel of advisors.
  • COSMI National Presence
    Voice, address and resolve issues faced by the industrial MSME sector.
  • International Affiliations
    COSMI affiliations abroad will create a common platform to meet peers from around the world to harness their knowledge and expertise, as well as to establish a common marketing platform for organisations registered with COSMI.

Registration Process

1. Send your details using the application form to
2. Make the payment and send us the transaction information to the same email.
3. We will confirm registration and issue your registration ID via email.

Account Information

Account Number  -   007001013302
Bank  -   DFCC Bank PLC, Corporate / City Office

Only Rs. 2,500/-

No. 7, Turnour Road,
Colombo 8.
CONTACT 077-008-3388

Information to be provided with application:

Owner of the organisation.
  • Full Name
  • Used name
  • Residential address
  • Telephone (residential)
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • NIC Number

  • Telephone (official)
  • Organisation Address
  • Divisional Secretaries
  • Grama Niladhari Division
  • Business Registration Number & copy (if applicable)
  • What assistance you specifically require from COSMI