Deshabandu Macky Hashim
Chairman, Governing Council
Governing Council Chairman’s Message
“This is an Organisation Incorporated with the sole objective of promoting and developing the Small & Medium Enterprise Sector which is presently facing serous difficulties due to successive governments not giving the required importance for the sustained development of this segment, which is acknowledged as the "back bone" of any economy.

“The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises have been neglected, and their difficulties have not been attended by the Governments, and Ministries assigned for this segment have miserably failed. Therefore, COSMI has been inaugurated to lobby the future governments to focus on this very important segment of the Nation to obtain assistance and support in the areas of Financial Assistance, Technological Promotions and, other support for their existence and development, which will lead to the overall national economic progress.”

Deshabandu Macky Hashim,
Chairman, COSMI Governing Council