Mr. Nawaz Rajabdeen
Founder President
Founder President’s Message
"Although MSMEs are regarded is a foremost national asset, and the backbone of our economy, successive governments have failed to properly address the problems faced by MSMEs over the past decades. There have been few isolated attempts to prop-up the sector, but there is a gaping absence of a collective agenda by all the stakeholders, with one, clear national goal. We have an MSME policy, after many years of drafting, but in the absence of a collaborative effort to gather MSME data, there is no meaning full information to act upon.

"At this timely and critical point, COSMI has stepped forward, as a private sector initiative, led by a powerful team of veterans in the Chamber Movement in Sri Lanka. Each member of our handpicked leadership has won wide respect for having served the sector with passion and dedication for decades. We rose together in a voluntary capacity, with one single vision, to revive and resurrect the ailing industrial sector in Sri Lanka through MSMEs. Our mission is to contribute our wealth of knowledge and network linkages, to aid revive the industrial MSMEs to grow and flourish. We aim to do this with a global outlook, looking at the needs of the future.

"COSMI will reach out to all corners of the country, listen to the issues faced by industrial MSMEs, in rendering one clear message from the grassroots, as the voice of the Industrial MSMEs in Sri Lanka. We will use the already present knowledge, of the issues faced by MSMEs and address those issues, through our business intervention strategy.

"As a private sector initiative we are proud to take up this cause, as we consider it our duty and privilege to serve our country. Our single unified vision is to leave a lasting legacy in the industrial MSME sector in Sri Lanka, to be enjoyed by the sector for generations to come."

Nawaz Rajabdeen,
President, COSMI.