Confederation of Micro, Small and Medium Industries (COSMI)
COSMI was formed with the vision of reviving the industrial sector in Sri Lanka through MSMEs. The leadership of COSMI fully realises the importance of industrial MSMEs to the national economy and understands the many challenges faced by the sector. United by this vision, a group of highly respected business leaders in the Chamber Movement and key Industry Associations, who have served in the interest of MSMEs for decades, have volunteered their time, knowledge and expertise to the COSMI cause.

COSMI was conceived after careful and meticulous consideration to ensure the desired impact and tangible results, while contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on international labour principles and present needs of the SME sector identified by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and other leading international agencies.

COSMI vision is to serve as the voice of MSME’s in the industrial sector looking into their needs, aspirations and facilitating and promoting their commendable labour for the benefit of the nation.


Serve as the Voice of MSMEs in the Industrial Sector.


Revive, foster and promote industrial MSMEs in Sri Lanka to Accelerate Growth in the National Economy through;

- Advocacy and Lobbying,
- Access to Low Cost Finance,
- Capacity Development,
- Business Process Improvement,
- Technology Upgrade & Automation,
- Industry Linkage
- International Trade
- and Legal and Regulatory Guidance.


  • Promote and foster MSMEs in the industrial sector,
  • Promote entrepreneurship, and provide education and professional training and capacity development,
  • Support MSMEs in facing and overcoming challenges, identify specific needs of MSMEs and implement necessary solutions and reforms,
  • Support and lobby for of the interests of the industrial sector MSMEs in local and foreign fora, and encourage regional and international cooperation,
  • Improve market access, and provide a common platform to market MSME products and services,
  • Facilitate MSMEs’ access to know-how, best practices, emerging technology and innovation, by strategic linkages, direct exposure and creating awareness
  • Provide a link between public and private sector and advocate interests and needs of MSMEs to the State, Identify activities and initiatives that properly respond to the specific needs of MSMEs, and
  • Contribute to the implementation of solutions and reforms that can improve their business environment in an efficient and effective way.